Forever New

Buying an exceptional piece of jewellery creates a style statement. But what keeps it going are the correct practices to maintain your assets in the best possible ways. Although diamonds are the hardest substance known to us, we need to take care of them as they can chip from the edges and can get scratches.

Protecting your jewellery from the regular wear and tear

  • Minimize the touch to your jewellery:
    Diamonds are magnets to grease, so the oils from our skin adhere to the surface of the diamond, which over the time forms a film, making it appear dull.
  • Preventing harsh chemicals:
    Harsh chemicals and abrasive solutions can cause harm to your jewellery. These also include the use of perfumes, sunscreen, hairsprays and a lot more. It is best to remove your jewellery when getting ready in the morning or for a function, as the makeup products go harsh on your jewellery.
  • Swimming calls for no jewellery:
    When going for swimming, you should remove your jewellery as the chlorine in the pool water is does harm to it. Also as your skin shrinks in water, there may be chances to lose your jewellery.

Maintaining your jewellery

  • Storing in a good way:
    You should always store your jewellery in boxes or pouches in such a manner that they do not rub against each other. Rubbing can cause abrasion to your pieces. Also, weight pressure over the jewellery can cause it's joints to weaken. This can consequently lead to breakage.
  • Take your jewellery to professional for regular inspection:
    You should take your jewellery to the professional for inspection. They will check the prongs and mounting and make sure that they are in good condition. If there is something wrong, they can repair it on time before it gets damaged.

Cleaning your jewellery

  • Warm soapy water:
    Soak your jewellery in warm soapy water for some time and then gently rub it with a clean tooth brush, such that it can reach the inner parts and clean it thoroughly. Then rinse it off with clean water.
  • Soaking in ammonia solution:
    Soak your jewellery in a mixture of ammonia and water in 1:6 ratio for about half an hour and then rinse it off with clean water.
  • Non abrasive jewellery cleaner:
    Store bought non abrasive jewellery cleaners can be another replacement for jewellery cleaning. You need to check if the cleaner is safe for gold.
  • Professional cleaning:
    You should take your jewellery for cleaning to the professional in about an year, such that he could clean it thoroughly and check for and lose ends in your jewellery.