Know Us

Kashvi Jewels, as the name suggests, is the house of lustrous, creative and exquisite jewellery. The brand believes in blending Indian heritage, culture and diversity with modern day elegance and confidence. We aim to design jewellery which brings out your personality and touches your heart and soul. We keep in mind the sparkling star in the new era women and try our best to depict their mixed emotions in our designs.

Founded in 2009, by the Goel brothers, Mr Nitin Goel and Mr Vaibhav Goel, the brand has evolved with time as a trustworthy and honourable brand. We have always adhered to our aesthetics of commitment for time, quality and authenticity. We drive this perseverance and loyalty from the principles and ethics of the Goel family.

Kashvi Jewels aims to leave its footprints in all the hearts with its intricate craftsmanship and thoughtfulness. Kashvi Jewels delivers and looks through the diverse jewellery styles, ranging from the traditional gold jewellery, timeless diamond jewellery or the elegant polkis.

With a vision to expand the label in the national and international market and raise the bar for creativity, quality and design, we are heading towards the bright future.

As a result of our hard work and dedication, we received the award for the best brand in 2017 by The Economic Times in the year 2017. This acted as an encouragement for us to achieve more such recognitions and fly high in the open sky.




nitin goel

Nitin Goel, Director, has the expertise and skills to blend the trends with practicality and wear ability. His imagination and keen interest in jewellery has always encouraged him to bring out designer, glamorous and out of the box pieces. His curiosity helps him absorb the leading trends of the market and deliver trendy products. His sales and marketing skills help him study the market and deliver accordingly. His ambition and desire to be on the top keeps him going towards making Kashvi Jewels a desirable and trusted brand in the jewellery industry.



vaibhav goel

Vaibhav Goel, Director, has the insight to convert thoughts to reality. His hard working approach has always helped him bring out the best in whatever he does. His practical approach helps the brand overcome the hurdles and set new benchmarks for the future. His expertise in operations and finance helps him maintain the balance between the desirable and practical and also raise the bar for the employees. His vision to be the leading brand in the jewellery industry helps him keep going.

International Presence

nitin goel

Kashvi Jewels is leaving an impression in everyone's heart not only nationally, but also internationally. We have always tried to match the international market trends and keep ourselves updated. We have put up exhibitions in many parts of the world including Behrain, Sharja,UAE, Kuwait and Qatar. These exhibitions have helped us interact with people around the world and understand their needs and wants in terms of jewellery. We are constantly trying to cope up with the same and are striving our goals.

Our Ventures

nitin goel

Looking up to the modern day trends and the needs of the working woman, we have come up with a new brand, Fine1. Fine1 is born out of crusted ethics and values and yet seems to have a touch of modish outlook. The jewellery at Fine1 is an art of ideas and craftsmanship, crafted with precision and perfection. Fine1 is the latest offering by Kashvi Jewels that offer our customers, jewellery that is within their budget, fashionable and quality that is guaranteed. Kashvi Jewellers brings Fine1 that assure to bring our customers the best of best jewellery under 1 lakh. To know more about our venture, you may visit its website,

Our Services

We believe in providing excellent after sale service to our customers. Customer satisfaction is our priority and to achieve that, we put in our best of the efforts. Some of our services which makes our customers happy are:

  • Free Polish for 1 year: We provide the facility of free polish of the jewellery purchased from us, for up to 1 year. This gives you the opportunity to get your stuff shining bright like a new piece.
  • Customization: We provide complete customization of the designs as per the customer's requirement and wish. This satisfies the customer as the jewellery he buys is the replica of what he wishes to buy.
  • Hallmark Certification: Our customers do not need to worry about the quality of the diamonds we use as we provide them with the hallmark certificate specifying the minute details of the diamonds used.
  • Insurance: We also provide you with the insurance of your jewellery. This makes our customers feel safe and secure.